Dynamic PPC – Peercoin Faucets

Dynamic Faucets are faucets that are based on a Dollar value and not on a fixed amount of satoshi’s.

Why and when to use Dynamic Faucets over fixed amount faucets?

The dynamic faucets are best to use when a particular crypto is low in value, in return you will get more satoshi’s for the same claim. Dynamic faucets vary from $0.0005 till $0.002 per claim the average is however $0.001 per claim.


So lets assume that $0.001 = 100,000 peertoshi and a week later your 100,000 peertoshi became $.0013 a dynamic faucet will automatic adjust the value and instead of 100,000 you will receive 77,000 peertoshi per claim due to the high $ value of PPC.

At the time of writing this article 1 PPC is valued at $1.428 , a week ago 1 PPC was $0.97, that’s an increase of +42% in a week time.

In peertoshi (the equivalent of satoshi for BTC) a claim of $0.001 is now 68,800 peertoshi per claim at a dynamic faucet.

In the above example it is not worth to claim anymore from dynamic value faucets PPC , it’s now better to look for another low value crypto currency to get more satoshi’s for the same claim in the hope of a future price influx.

However you might now find hidden gems between the fixed amount faucets that where previous less in $ value than they are now compared to dynamic faucets for PPC. Use a crypto calculator to determine if you will get more or less from a fixed amount PPC faucet compared to a dynamic one , an easy tool is walletinvestor’s crypto converter.

Some dynamic PPC faucets

Some fixed amount (easy to go through) PPC Faucets

  • LBF PPC (solvemedia/coinhive + popups no shortlink) see also our extensive review of LBF , Faucets with a difference.
  • Firefaucet (solvemdia/hCaptcha , popups, shortlink) see also our extensive review of Firefaucet , Faucets with a difference.
  • Forumcoin PPC (solvemedia + popups limited inventory)

Some PPC Auto Faucets (fixed amount)

  • Autofaucet (recaptcha/rain captcha + shortlink)
  • Autobitcoin (recaptcha/rain captcha + shortlink)
  • Autoclaim  (recaptcha/rain captcha + shortlink)

Earn PPC with Surveys, Tasks, App install’s fast

  • Earncrypto (even if you are not eligible for surveys there are plenty of tasks you can do for PPC, eg Data entry)

Peercoin mining

  • Full guide how to mine Peercoin can be found here.

Note: At the time of writing the above PPC faucets are paying and trusted. More info about Peercoin can be found at the Cryptocurrency website https://peercoin.net/