Autofaucets – Keep them running 24/7 at barely a cost of time and power !

Autofaucets, a must to use but at the same time you can’t rely on them due to Faucethub API errors or any other errors they produce.

However there is a trick to keep autofaucets 24/7 running without any need of intervention and at a super low cost, compared to cryptocurrency mining by browser you are the winner.

Why use Faucethub Autofaucets ?

  • Using your IDLE PC/Laptop/Tablet/smartphone time to claim cryptocurrencies
  • Getting easy Faucethub XP to level up fast

Lets start to setup our Auto Faucets system ?

Most if not all have a old tablet running android that isn’t used anymore if you don’t have one, just look around to buy a old android tablet second hand which will not cost more than a $15-$20.

Note: You can do this also with an old laptop, though the power consumption will be a tad more, at settings of your laptop you will have to turn off the go to sleep mode.

So you have found your old android tablet and plugged it in again in, lets first look at the power consumption.

As you can see, the amount of power being used is roughly similar to an LED light bulb, or maybe a small fan.

How much does it cost to keep the tablet charging ?

Let’s say you charge your device for 2 hours every other day at 1.2A. That means you’ll spend 365 hours charging your device in a year. At 6 watts, that’s 2190 watt-hours, or 2.19 kilowatt-hours (kWh). If your Electricity company charges 12 cents per kWh (rough US average), then that means it costs you 26 cents per year to keep your device charged up.

The next step ?

Keeping the Android tablet ‘awake’ , To avoid draining the battery, an Android device that is left idle quickly falls asleep. However, there are times when an application needs to wake up the screen or the CPU and keep it awake to complete some work. And with autofaucets we need to keep our tablet awake.

So lets go to the google App Store and find a ‘keep screen on app‘ , example

So we can keep our Android tablet awake 24/7 now, what’s next?

As autofaucets have the habbit to stop working after some time due to load errors, connection errors and so on we need a ‘auto refresh app‘ , there are plenty of apps to choose from, I use the following

We now have our tablet staying awake and have a auto refresh plugin so lets start making satoshi’s at no cost

Lets start by loading chrome as browser at your tablet or alptop and lets use the following 6 autofaucets. You need to use for this autofaucets that DO NOT require shortlinks etc to update timers, they are maybe lower paying ones but at the end they will make you a lot more satoshi’s than the ones you have to ‘work’ for.

The following autofaucets are lightweight and reduce also the chance that Chrome will kill the tab due to resource usage, remember it also depends on the memory you have how many tabs you can keep open.

At each chrome tab of a autofaucet you now click the chrome auto extension and put in the timer, I set it at 5min  to do a auto refresh. This will make sure the webpage has been loaded and the time interval is aprox right for a autorefresh.

Once done and it works all perfect as intended just leave the tablet somewhere hooked up to the electricity net, as you have seen above it barely costs anything to keep it charging.

Are there more lightweight autofaucets ?

Yes there are plenty but you will have to search for them, below a few more I use that run also 24/7 at my end.

Are there other Auto Faucets that do not need the refresh plugin that are lightweight ?

There are plenty but most will require to do shortlinks to ADD time or claims, they are better paying or multi cryptocurrency.

For auto leveling up at faucethub but one that requires – tasks/shortlinks – to do to get claims we suggest Firefaucet, here you can claim up to 10 out of 11 crypto’s at once, low payment but one of the lesser task required ones. See our extensive Review of “Get the most out of Firefaucet(article coming soon)

The group is another one but here you need to do shortlinks for every hour you want claims, there is a big con at this one , if there is a internet hickup you lost all the time of the shortlinks you have done to up the timer /h.

Icucu is another good paying one that requires one shortlink per hour which you can accumelate and let it run for a whole day, again same problem as with, a internet hickup/downtime and you lost your accumelated time.

Why the mix of crypto currencies?

No particular reason, you can exchange them at Faucethub for the ones you like but a diversified portfolio is better than going for a single coin.

Note: At the time of writing this article all Autofaucets mentioned above where paying/reliable to use.

If you have any questions or do you have your own system for autofaucets, let us know in the comments or send mdshare a msg at Faucethub Chat.