QuizDelivery – Trivia Pursuit Answers


Offerwalls allows you to earn more bitcoins or other crypto currencies by completing surveys, visiting some websites, watching videos, and other tasks. The Offerwall will pay you a reward after a task is validated by the provider. To help you earn faster some coins we give you the answers on some Offerwall tasks.

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Answers for the QuizDelivery – Trivia Pursuit
  • Q1. Scotland
  • Q2. 2009
  • Q3. Joseph Stalin
  • Q4. John Williams
  • Q5. Remember the Time
  • Q6. Mantella frog
  • Q7. Photosphere
  • Q8. Dresden, Germany
  • Q9. Raoul Dufy, Musée d’art moderne
  • Q10. Michel Foucault


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